Frequently Asked Questions

Why is "Brad To The Bone Cichlids" the best place to buy Premium Cichlids?

At "Brad To The Bone Cichlids", we're not just another cichlid supplier. We're passionate about the fish we breed, ensuring each cichlid showcases vibrant colors and optimal health. Our commitment to quality and customer
satisfaction sets us apart in the aquarium fish market.

Are your cichlids beginner-friendly?

Absolutely! Our diverse cichlid varieties cater to both novice and seasoned aquarists. We provide detailed care guides and are always available to assist first-time cichlid owners.

How do you ensure the health of your cichlids?

Every cichlid we breed undergoes a rigorous selection process. We have a dedicated quarantine phase, ensuring that when you search for cichlids for sale, ours stand out as the healthiest and most vibrant.

Can I visit your breeding facility?

While we maintain a bio-secure environment for our fish's health, we offer insights into our cichlid breeding process online, reflecting our dedication to transparency and excellence.

What water conditions are best for my cichlids?

Cichlids thrive in specific water parameters. Our comprehensive cichlid care guidelines detail everything from pH levels to temperature, ensuring your
aquarium provides the perfect environment.

What guarantees do you offer with your cichlids?

As a leading cichlid store, we're proud to offer a Live Arrival Guarantee. Our claim process is straightforward, ensuring our customers always feel valued and

What should I feed my cichlids?

Catering to diverse cichlid dietary needs, we offer tailored feeding
recommendations, ensuring your fish receive balanced nutrition for vibrant
colors and robust health.

Can I keep different cichlid species together?

Many cichlids can coexist peacefully, but some have specific habitat needs. Our cichlid compatibility guides help you create a harmonious aquarium community.

How do you handle shipping during extreme weather conditions?

Our cichlids' well-being is paramount. We use insulated packaging and adjust shipping schedules based on weather forecasts, ensuring your aquarium fish arrive in perfect condition.

I'm looking for a unique cichlid variant. Can you help?

We're always expanding our cichlid collection. If you have a particular species or variant in mind, let us know. We're here to help you find that perfect addition to your aquarium.

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