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Iceberg Fryeri (Sciaenochromis Iceberg Fryeri) German Import

Iceberg Fryeri (Sciaenochromis Iceberg Fryeri) German Import

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Max Size: 6" - 7"


The Iceberg Fryeri, also known as the Electric Blue Iceberg, is a selectively bred form of Sciaenochromis fryeri. It is often erroneously sold as S. ahli in the trade. This species is a favorite among Malawi cichlid enthusiasts. Originating from Lake Malawi, older males of this species often develop a distinctive white dorsal surface. The males exhibit a bright blue coloration, which darkens to a deep blue as they age. In contrast, females are a fairly plain silver-beige. Young males are pale metallic silver-blue and start to develop their darker blue color at about 10cm/4" in length.

Aquarium Size and Conditions:

  • Size: Suitable for tanks that can accommodate their adult size, considering males can reach up to about 12-15cm/5-6", with females being slightly smaller.
  • Water Parameters: The Iceberg Fryeri thrives in hard, alkaline water with a pH ideally of 8.0 or more.
  • Habitat: Naturally found among rocks at the edge of the rock-sand boundary in Lake Malawi.
  • Aquarium Setup: It's recommended to keep them as at least a trio (one male and two females) to prevent a single female from being harassed by the males. Ideally, half a dozen females should be included, but they can be hard to acquire due to biased sex ratios. They can be mixed with peaceful mbuna like Labidochromis but thrive best with other fishes from the sand-rock margins. Keeping too many males might result in subdued coloration and increased aggression.

Feeding Recommendations:

In the wild, the Iceberg Fryeri is a piscivore that preys on the fry and young of other cichlids. However, in an aquarium setting, they readily accept flakes and pellets. It's essential to provide them with a balanced diet to maintain their vibrant coloration and overall health.

Additional Notes:

  • The standard S. fryeri is commonly mislabeled as ahli in the trade, which is a different, rarer species. There are four described species in the genus: S. fryeri, S. ahli, S. benthicola, and S. psammophilus.
  • The Iceberg Fryeri is a non-nest-building maternal mouthbrooder and is relatively easy to breed. Females can hold a clutch of about 40-60 eggs, which are released as free-swimming fry about 23 days post-spawning, depending on water temperature. The fry grow rapidly on powdered growth food or finely crumbled flakes.
  • The 'Iceberg' variant of S. fryeri is less common in the trade compared to the standard aquarium strains.


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