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OB Fryeri (Sciaenochromis OB Fryeri)

OB Fryeri (Sciaenochromis OB Fryeri)

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Max Size:  6"-7"


The OB Fryeri, scientifically known as Sciaenochromis OB Fryeri, is a man-made hybrid cichlid that combines the sleek body of the pure Fryeri with the distinctive OB gene. This results in a visually striking fish that showcases colors of platinum and/or blue. Being a hybrid, the OB Fryeri is a blend of several species, most notably including Sciaenochromis fryeri and Aulonocara sp. OB. The creation of the OB Fryeri involved crossing a male Fryeri Hap OB with a female Platinum OB Peacock, followed by another cross with a Fryeri Hap.

Aquarium Size and Conditions:

  • Size: Given that the OB Fryeri can reach lengths of up to 11.5 centimeters (4.5 inches), a spacious tank is recommended to accommodate their growth and movement.
  • Water Parameters: While specific water conditions for the hybrid OB Fryeri aren't mentioned, it's safe to assume they would thrive in conditions similar to their parent species, which would be hard, alkaline water with a pH leaning towards the higher side.
  • Tank Setup: The OB Fryeri exhibits mild to moderate aggression. It's essential to provide them with ample hiding spots and ensure they are housed with tank mates of similar size and temperament, such as other Peacocks and Haps.

Feeding Recommendations:

Being a mouth brooding piscivore, the OB Fryeri has carnivorous dietary preferences. They would benefit from a diet rich in protein, including high-quality cichlid pellets. Occasional treats of live or frozen foods like brine shrimp or bloodworms can also be offered to ensure a balanced diet.

Additional Notes:

  • The OB Fryeri is a unique hybrid cichlid, resulting from selective breeding practices. This makes them a special addition to any aquarium, especially for enthusiasts interested in hybrid species.
  • As with all cichlids, regular monitoring of their behavior is crucial to ensure a harmonious tank environment, especially given their hybrid nature which can sometimes introduce unpredictable behaviors.
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